Bikini 8 Week Challenge


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Ever wanted to TRY to train as if you were going to walk on that bikini stage? This will provide you with insight on what it takes to prepare for that stage experience without actually walking on the stage.

I have a special gift at the end of the 8 weeks for the top 3 who achieve the BEST before and after transformation!

Train & eat  like a bikini competitor for 8 weeks.

Program will begin on 7/30/18.

You can do it at your own specific gym, at The Lion’s Den, or at home if you have proper equipment.

You will be in a private Groupme Chat for updates, workouts,& meal plans.


8 Replies to “Bikini 8 Week Challenge”

    • Omar Gallegos Post author

      No you do not have to pay an additional fee. It is only $75 for the two month program.

    • Omar Gallegos Post author

      The meal plan will all be the same as it is what Jess does while she is prepping for a show. If you are on the challenge and need any substitutions for Vegan, Vegetarian, ect. She will provide that.

    • Omar Gallegos Post author

      This challenge has already started but don’t worry because there will be another one coming out soon.


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